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An excellent and great company built around customers, with great staff at great stores with excellent back end channels supporting. We transact, to build trust and create value for customers and earn their lifetime loyalty through products and services.


To deliver human value services along with products that enhances the quality of life of our customers. Generate joy for customer in every transaction and every experience with Adishwar, wherever we operate, and every day for a long long time.

Adishwar Electro world are consumer durables and home appliances chain store which attempts to change with the way people buy the products in the organized retail landscape. The company commenced operations in 1997 as Adishwar India Limited, at Bangalore City.

Adishwar operates stores at Bangalore City, Hyderabad twin cities, Tumkur, Tiptur, Shimoga, Davangere, Belgaum, Mangalore, Mysore, and Kolar. The chain will soon extend to many more cities across India.

Adishwar Electro world chain stores have redefined this space of product presentation and the way the customers are offered follow up services- since its inception in 2004, and to meet changing customer expectations.

Adishwar India limited commenced its operations successfully in 2007 in the direct marketing sphere. As a very successful and large direct marketing company the wealth of knowledge in customer centric operations helped in shaping Adishwar Electro world chain stores and now the ADISHWAR estore.

Adishwar simply offers meaningful and competent assistance to customers to choose products they wish to buy. Adishwar is the first to offer centralized delivery logistics which ensures maximum sensitive care to health of products. This also enables to  offer specialized care on delivery requirements and personalized needs of a customer. Adishwar believes in consistently validating the relevance of customer and customer centric operations 24 X 7.

Adishwar as a regional player has displayed amazing innovations in the services and customer offers bearing in mind the emerging and changing consumer lifestyles and demands. Adishwar has the best record in the market for trouble free maximum same day delivery, installation assistance and demo assistance. Adishwar pioneered practical technology assisted auto text messages and multichannel access to offer critical information assistance for customers and to ensure trouble free delivery & other related assistance.

Adishwar: Pioneering creative innovation in the consumer durable retail service efforts to permanently shift the retail scape to a new level of efficiency and customer care.

  • Centralised delivery systems for control and better management of deliveries and commitment to customers.
  • Ensures better health of stocks and enhance the shopping experience and add quality/value to customer experiences.
  • Also centralised Wi-Fi enabled Finance credit scores details offered to customers at store to speed up the customer decisions/buying and enhance the customer experiences.
  • Automated customer communications on post purchase logistics and schedules enabling a new enhanced same day delivery for the benefit of customers household.

Adishwar backs the customer with legendary, efficient and prompt customer care supports at Call centers. The Call Centers are technology assisted and networked with Brand offices and service centers.

Adishwar has the capability to cope with the changing demands of customer needs as is demonstrated on daily basis in the operations thanks to automation and technology supporting the process.

Adishwar listens to the customers and users alike! Adishwar believes in simply transforming customer needs into service delivery.

The Adishwar eStore is nothing but an extension of its services in the same spirit, to extend services to the customers at the click of a key!

Adishwar build trust and add value to life and lives through products and services!

www.adishwrestore is at your arms reach extending supports to the customer consistently.